Is influencer marketing the new powerful strategy for customers engagement?

The new revolutionary wave of influencer in marketing is real. Wouldn’t you like to switch from user to marketer? In fact, the concept of a brand hiring a recognised celebrity to promote a product or service is not new. However, Kevin Gallagher (2018) states that although brands know that celebrity endorsements can sell products, they have found new ways to leverage new figures as ambassadors through the age of social media, with the specificity that, these people are not necessarily popular. According to Julie Ann Matic (2011), the goals that the brand has with influencers marketing is to stimulate an engaging conversation that allows them to change perception, diagnose expectations and bring clarity to the dialogue. That is what the brand wants to achieve through influencers in marketing, people who can build relationships. By using these influencers marketing, brands are building loyalty and are able to tell a story differently which will allow the users to pass on the message which introduces the concept of word-of-mouth. Andy Theimer, CEO of GroupHigh argues that “90% of consumers trust peer recommendations and word of mouth, while only 33% trust ads.

Nowadays, many companies work with influencer marketing as part of their content marketing strategy in order to bring their content to the next level. Amanda Maksymiw argues that brands choose to partner with the influencer marketing whether they are speakers, well-known in the industry or if they are followed on social media. In fact, these are the people that the target audience is looking to for information. It is important to keep in mind that customers are influencers too, thus to build up loyalty, Waynette Tubbs argues that companies have to give customers a story that they can use in order to be able to meet and relate to the messages the business want them to use so they can pass it on to others. Consumers who rely on the experiences of the influencers.


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