Benefits of Instagram marketing for beginners


Looking into a new business? Why not start it yourself?

As visual content become more popular on social media, it is important to consider to create and leverage. This shift to visual social media, custom

ers tend to be more engaged when the communication is made visually.

Although there are many social networks all around the world, there is one social platform which stands out of the others and that will enable small businesses to leverage the power of this shift: Instagram! Instagram had been underrated because of its parent Facebook or its competitors Twitter or Pinterest. The business idea was to provide users with a simple way to upload and share mobile photos with friends (Instagram [1], 2015).

However, Instagram proves to be one of the greatest channels to start a new business a beginner. In fact, through Instagram, there is a possibility to gain a competitive advantage, which is an important element and a great opportunity to develop business strategies. Indeed, an American Express Survey showed that 2% of small businesses are currently embracing Instagram. Also, Instagram provides free advertising, there is a possibility to showcase products and services in actions, which makes Instagram stand out from other social media platforms containing ads, which companies can buy.

The real-time aspect; Instagram users feed constantly updates with the latest content, it creates an excellent opportunity for marketers to promote goods and products at a relevant and specific point in time. Also, to connect with followers, Instagram uses hashtags; as Instagram allow for little statistical information Linnea Berg (2015) argues that hashtags are great tools for reaching out to specific customer groups. By using hashtags connected to certain topics of interest among ones targeted users, companies can arguably attain enhanced customer interest. After identifying the targeted audience, it is important to be consistent to build up relationships with the audience.


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